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Official Website Of Farzad Farahvashi
Director | Montor | Narrator | Researcher Of Theatre

Farzad Farahvashi is an Iranian director and producer. He received his bachelor’s degree in theater directing in 2010 from the Islamic Azad University, Tonekabon Branch.

Farahvashi has been working professionally in the field of directing since 1999. He has been the editor and cinematographer of his films or others since 2000 and has been a narrator in documentaries since 2006. Farahvashi’s latest feature film was made in 2008 and since then, by changing the genre of his filmmaking, he has turned to documentary and serial documentaries. He has already been active in school theaters and has acted in several films, such as the film The Mayor of the School, directed by Mohammad Baqer Khosravi in 1996 ​​, and The Father’s Stories, directed by Behnam Behzadi in 2000. In most of his films, he won the title of “first” among the audience.

Farzad’s father was a guitarist and musician. From the paternal family, we can mention Dr. Bahram Farahvashi. As a child, he had a great desire for acting, so he studied at the School of Art and Literature of the Radio and Television under the supervision of Reza Fayazi. He started acting professionally in the theater in 2000, but due to his great interest in filmmaking, he turned his attention to it. He received his diploma in experimental sciences and after changing his major, he went to the Boys’ Visual Arts Conservatory and studied graphics. After a few years of delayed work, he entered the university in 2006. Since 2000, he has been working professionally with the Office of Educational Technology, Television and the Tehran Education Organization as a cinematographer, and after a short time, he started editing and directing. In 2001, he was invited to work as a judge of the Student Festival of the Education Organization. He is the first Iranian filmmaker to make two films about animal rights, as well as the first long-running analytical and research series, The Blue Hole (Rozanehye Abi).

Farzad Farahvashi has started narrating since 2006 and has narrated in several documentaries such as: Rozanehye Abi series (The Blue Hole), the documentary “Death of Role” (Marge Naghsh), the documentary film “Astonished Stars” (Setarehaye Heyran) and some audio books. Since 2007, as a researcher in the history of modern Iranian theater, he has tried to collect documents for this purpose and has published the results of this research and documentation in the collection of contemporary Iranian theater treasures

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Farzad Farahvashi expressed his views in the unveiling ceremony of the Blue Hole series (Rozaneyeh Abi ) as follows: In our culture, there is no habit called recording and recording historical events seriously. For this reason, most of the society is looking for foreign examples and heroes, while we have a rich and pristine source of currents in different eras. I don’t know what would have happened to our culture today if the great Ferdowsi had not worked for us in those thirty years, if he had not left an important part of the events and culture before him. In his works, he tries to simplify an important issue. Documentary and lack of position in the expression of the subject is one of his expressive techniques. Criticizing the uneven state of screening and distribution of experimental and documentary films, he said: “We have entered the home theater network since 2016 with the documentary” Blue Hole ” (Rozaneyeh Abi), which took 9 years to produce. But from the beginning, we had problems. The broadcasters do not accept the distribution of documentaries, and if they want to do so, they charge a high price for the filmmaker, which is why they did not accept our work. But before we try to replicate and package our work, we talked to them to see how many we had to hit and saw that they didn’t welcome our work at all, even though it was a good commercial and the first documentary about theater and people. They were in front of the camera and there was no news about them for a long time. “Only popular works and serials get the attention of the broadcasters,” he said in an interview. “When I saw that the broadcasting conditions were like this, I decided to personally distribute the film.” Blue Hole (Rozaneyeh Abi) in January 2016 and two months later, another film called “Dance Of Dayereh” (Raghseh Dayereh). Farzad Farahvashi has repeatedly stated in various conversations about the problems of broadcasting experimental or documentary films that none of the broadcasters are willing to cooperate in these cases and only accept popular films. In 2009, he faced the problem of being screened in cinemas for the film I Am Confectionery.


Film / MovieOriginial Title / PersianDirectorCastGenresYearFilm EditingDirector of Photography Duration- Min
Ten with twenty didn't ninety nineDah Dar Kenare Bist Navadonoh NashodFarzad FarahvashiBahman Mofid - Akbar Zanjanpoor - Mersedeh Baygan - Dariush Asadzadeh - Nosrat Karimi - Nosratolah Vahdat - Aliasghar GarmsiriDocumentary - Biography - History-MysteryRelease: 2020Farzad FarahvashiFarzad Farahvashi
It was like no one else - Seriesmesle hichkas naboodFarzad FarahvashiAkbar Zanjanpour - Bahram Ebrahimi - Oktay Barahani-Abolhasan Tahami-George Petrosi-Majid Jafari-Saeed Nikpour-Gilda Hamidi-Kazem Hajirazad-Behrouz BaghaeeiDocumentary - Biography - History-MysteryRelease: 2020Farzad FarahvashiFarzad FarahvashiRunning Times:260
The Blue birdparandeye abiFarzad FarahvashiDariush Asadzadeh-Jafar Vaali-Anvar Khameie-Asghar Hemmat-Mersedeh Bayegan-Hoshyar Noushin-Jamshid LotfiDocumentary - Biography - History-MysteryRelease: 2019Farzad FarahvashiFarzad FarahvashiRunning Times: 167
And thanks to the Rajabi familyva ba tashakor az khanevadeye rajabiFarzad FarahvashiBehrouz Baghaeei-Mehraneh Mahintorabi-Elham Pavenejad-Reza Fayazi-Ashkan EshtiaghDocumentary - Biography - History-MysteryRelease: 2019Farzad FarahvashiFarzad FarahvashiRunning Times: 127
We are not well nowhale ma khoob nistFarzad FarahvashiGeroge Petrossi - Abolhsan Tahami-Kazem Hajirazad-Alireza Bashkandi-Parviz BahramDocumentary - Biography - History-MysteryRelease: 2019Farzad FarahvashiFarzad FarahvashiRunning Times: 71
Mr. Moderator: I am Ghannadaghaye mojri: man ghannad hastamFarzad FarahvashiMajid Ghannad-Sirous Hemmati - Afshin Hashemi-Khatereh TaheriDocumentary - DramaRelease: 2019Farzad FarahvashiMahdi AfsharRunning Times: 73
A voice reportgozareshe yek sedaFarzad FarahvashiGeorge Petrossi-Bahar Arjmand-Alireza Bashkandi-Mani HashemianDocumentary - Biography - HistoryRelease: 2018Farzad FarahvashiFarzad FarahvashiRunning Times: 40
Confused starssetarehaye heyranFarzad FarahvashiOmid Zohri-Maral Farjad-Reza Rashidpour-Mona Farjad-Afsaneh Bayegan-Reza BabakDocumentary - Biography -Adventure Release: 2018Farzad FarahvashiFarzad FarahvashiRunning Times: 77
I am Hassan Azimiman hassane azimi hastamFarzad FarahvashiHassan Azimi-Asghar Semsarzadeh-Majid Jafari-Dariush AsadzadehDocumentary - Biography - History-MysteryRelease: 2018Farzad FarahvashiFarzad FarahvashiRunning Times: 104
The resilient ascent of Mr. M.R Hasasso'ode moghavemat pazire aghaye mim re hasasFarzad FarahvashiAraz Barseghian-Gholamhossein Dolatabadi-Sara MohammadbeygiTheater TrapRelease: 2017Farzad FarahvashiFarzad FarahvashiRunning Times: 160
Four Seasonschahar faslFarzad FarahvashiManouchehr SahbaeiDocumentary - Biography - History - MusicRelease: 2017Farzad FarahvashiFarzad FarahvashiRunning Times: 90
The death of rolemarge naghshFarzad FarahvashiOmid Zohri - Majid Mozafari - Kazem Hajirazad-Biuk Mirzaeei-Hassan PourshiraziDocumentary - Biography -Adventure Release: 2017Farzad FarahvashiFarzad FarahvashiRunning Times: 85
Dance Of Dayereh - Seriesraghse dayerehFarzad FarahvashiHeshmat Sanjari - Shahrdad Rohani-Mersedeh Bayegan-Kambiz RoshanravanDocumentary - Biography - History - Music - MysteryRelease: 2016Farzad FarahvashiFarzad FarahvashiRunning Times: 180
Blue Hole - Seriesrozaneyeh abiFarzad FarahvashiAli Nasirian-Mohammadali Keshavarz - Morteza Aghili - Bahman mofid- Ahmad najafi-Mahtaj NojoumiDocumentary - Biography - History-MysteryRelease: 2016Farzad FarahvashiFarzad FarahvashiRunning Times: 1444
False coalitionetelafe dorooghinFarzad FarahvashiHadi Seyedafghahi-Hasaan Royvaran-Ahmad ShojaeeiDocumentary - Biography -Crime Release: 2015Farzad FarahvashiFarzad FarahvashiRunning Times: 30
Those who loveanha ke doost darandFarzad FarahvashiArash Mirahmadi - Saba Yousefi-Elham Parishani-Mehran EbrahimiDrama - ShortRelease: 2008Farzad FarahvashiFarzad Farahvashi - Mohammadzaman RezaeeiRunning Times: 19
History errorkhataye tarikhFarzad FarahvashiErich von Däniken Documentary - HistoryRelease: 2007Farzad FarahvashiArchiveRunning Times: 24
TaziyehTaziyehFarzad FarahvashiBahram Beyzaeei - Davoud Fathalibeygi-Jaber AnasoriDocumentary- History-MysteryRelease: 2007Farzad FarahvashiArchiveRunning Times: 19
OldPirFarzad FarahvashiPoem TrapRelease: 2004Farzad FarahvashiFarzad FarahvashiRunning Times: 6
I'm aloneman tanhamFarzad FarahvashiFarzad FarahvashiDrama - ShortRelease: 2004Farzad FarahvashiFarzad FarahvashiRunning Times: 4
Farhad from yesterday to foreverfarhad az dirooz ta hamisheFarzad FarahvashiFarhad MehradDocumentary - Biography - HistoryRelease: 2002Farzad FarahvashiArchiveRunning Times: 17
Absolute annihilationnaaboodie motlaghFarzad FarahvashiEhsan Navidinasab - Hossein Goudarzi-Haniyeh ManzouriDramaRelease: 2002Farzad FarahvashiFarzad FarahvashiRunning Times: 70
In blue ideasdar abie bavarhaFarzad FarahvashiHoma gerami - Kiumars MonshizadehDocumentary - Biography - HistoryRelease: 2001Rouholah RezaeeiAli mousaviRunning Times: 15
SaviorNaajiFarzad FarahvashiSiavash Rahimi - Reza Rahimnejad-Houman RokhchekaDrama - ShortRelease: 2001Rouholah RezaeeiBahram SadeghiMazidiRunning Times: 13
Hey Friendey doostFarzad FarahvashiSiavash Rahimi-Ehsan Navidinasab-Mohammadreza DaneshDrama - ShortRelease: 2000Farzad FarahvashiFarzad FarahvashiRunning Times: 17
Moon Smilelabkhande mahFarzad FarahvashiFarzad Farahvashi-Siavash RahimiDrama - ShortRelease: 2000Farzad FarahvashiFarzad FarahvashiRunning Times: 27

Other Crew member Credits

Film / MovieOriginial Title / PersianDirectorProducerYearFarzad Farahvashi As
The Mayor of the Schoolshahrdare madresehMohammad Bagher KhosrawiMohammad Bagher Khosrawi ۱۹۹۶Actor
Father's storiesGhesehaye PedarBehnam BehzadiSaeed Mehran۲۰۰۰Actor
Moon SmileLabkhandeh MaahFarzad FarahvashiFarzad Farahvashi۲۰۰۰Actor / Narrator
Don't let the vultures danceNagozarid Karkasha BeraghsandAli KarimiYadollah Karimi۲۰۰۱Actor
I'm aloneman tanhamFarzad FarahvashiFarzad Farahvashi۲۰۰۴Actor
TaziyehTaziyehFarzad FarahvashiFarzad Farahvashi۲۰۰۷Narrator
History errorkhataye tarikhFarzad FarahvashiFarzad Farahvashi۲۰۰۷Narrator
Blue Hole - Seriesrozaneyeh abiFarzad FarahvashiRaha Film۲۰۰۷ / ۲۰۱۶Actor / Narrator
The death of rolemarge naghshFarzad FarahvashiRaha Film۲۰۱۷Narrator
Confused starssetarehaye heyranFarzad FarahvashiRaha Film۲۰۱۸Actor / Narrator
And thanks to the Rajabi familyva ba tashakor az khanevadeye rajabiFarzad FarahvashiFarzad Farahvashi۲۰۱۹Actor
The Blue birdparandeye abiFarzad FarahvashiRaha Film۲۰۱۹Actor / Narrator

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